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  • Jeremy J. Wade

Launching the most affordable fully online degrees on Coursera

We just opened applications for the most affordable, fully online masters' degrees on Coursera.

Two are the first-ever social science degrees —the third is the first MBA in Business Analytics. All three online degrees from O.P. Jindal Global University, India's #1 ranked private university.

It has been a fascinating journey for almost a year working on this.

I've learned a ton interacting with team Coursera, going deep into online education pedagogy, online learning value propositions, online course development, and EdTech marketing best practices.

Innovation has happened slowly in higher education. The internet will undoubtedly change the nature of higher education in the decades to come. While the unbundling of education is underway, building credentials from respected educational brands remains a complex and slow process.

The 3 most affordable fully online masters' degrees on Coursera

1. M.A. in International Relations, Security, and Strategy

Develop a global perspective on international relations and foreign policy from the #1 private university in India.

The M.A. in International Relations, Security, and Strategy from O.P. Jindal Global University has been designed to help students and working professionals around the world open the door to a career path in the ever-expanding streams of civil/ diplomatic services, conflict resolution, political journalism, international justice, international economic development, humanitarian relief, human rights advocacy, political and economic risk analysis, and more.

Cost: $6,000 USD or Rs. 450,000

Duration: 24-36 months (estimated 10 hours a week)

2. M.A. in Public Policy

Build the solutions to fundamental challenges in developing economies with the first online Indian Public Policy Master’s degree.

The new M.A. in Public Policy uses an interdisciplinary approach to study and analyse contemporary political, economic, and social issues in a comprehensive manner. The curriculum is carefully structured to impart strong training in policy theory, covering key literature and debates. You’ll develop quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, receive exposure to the real-world policy making process, and enhance your managerial skills. This degree provides an opportunity for working professionals to equip themselves with relevant knowledge and gain the skills to pursue higher responsibilities in policy making and leadership in public and corporate lives.

Cost: $6,000 USD or Rs. 450,000

Duration: 24-36 months (estimated 10 hours a week)

3. MBA in Business Analytics

Advance your business analytics career with a specialised MBA from India’s #1 private university.

If you’re looking to pivot into managerial roles and acquire analytics capabilities, this is the MBA for you. The unique curriculum will help you build the expertise to switch to analytics roles within your current organization or industry, or take up jobs in the technology and analytics sector. With an affordable tuition fee and flexible pacing, you can focus on strengthening your analytics skill set to keep up with today’s data-driven, analytics-focused business environment.

Cost: $7,500 USD or Rs. 550,000

Duration: 24-36 months (estimated 10 hours a week)

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